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Step 3: Configure Product Pricing

Next, you'll input the pricing model and its type to be sold on the AWS Marketplace.

Firstly, for the pricing model, select Contract-based pricing.


Since other pricing models are not supported, please make sure to select Contract-based pricing.

Next, you'll input the usage units and contract types of the SaaS product.

Select Units as the Dimension unit type.

For the contract type, follow the instructions on the sheet output by the AWS Marketplace integration function and enter 1 to X for Contract dimensions accordingly.

API identifier: Identifier for pricing plan of services on the API
Display name: Display name of the pricing plan
Description: Description of the pricing plan


Please be sure to follow the instructions on the sheet.

You can access the instruction sheet by starting the listing process from the AWS Marketplace integration function page, then proceed to Step 1-4: Registering SaaS product information.

After completing the input, press Next to proceed.