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How to Request for Publication

Once you've completed the Listing Procedure "11. Final Review Request of Production SaaS Product", you will receive an email from the AWS Marketplace Support Team detailing the process to request publication. Follow these instructions to request your publication.


While we have prepared a document regarding the publication request process based on our prior research, the actual instructions provided in the email you'll receive represents the most updated procedure and should be followed accordingly.

First, you need to make a publication request in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

  1. Access the AWS Marketplace Management Portal
  2. After moving to the 'Requests' page, select the request for the SaaS product you want to publish.
  3. If the product is ready for a publication request, a page with the title 'Review your Product Listing' will be displayed. public-request-1
  4. Select 'Approve' for the status, and click the 'Submit' button.

That's it! You've completed the publication request.

Finally, reply to the "Action Required: AWS Marketplace SaaS Contract Next Steps [ thread::XXXXXXXXXX:: ]" email by writing a message in English that says "Please publish the SaaS product". Once you've replied, your publication request is complete.
With this process, your SaaS product will be published on the AWS Marketplace by the Support Team within 3 to 5 business days.