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Update on 2023/11/05

We have released updates on the following features.

New Features

  • You can now sign up and sign in using your Google account

  • SES has been made to automatically activate
    By configuring your CNAME records to your domain, authentication emails will be sent from the corresponding domain.

  • SaaSus Account User Management
    It's now possible to invite users or change permissions from the User Management page.
    Roles (Administrator, Developer, Operator) can be assigned to users, with certain limitations based on their roles for console use.
    Administrators: SaaS Development Console, SaaS Operation Console
    Developers: SaaS Development Console (except for Account Settings)
    Operators: SaaS Operation Console

  • Tenant User Invitation
    It's now possible to invite users to a tenant.
    You can check the status of invited users.

  • You can now retrieve the payment status of subscriptions associated with the tenant


  • You can now specify the effective date of the pricing plan settings down to the minute
  • ID has been added to the Pricing Plan Settings and Tax Rate Settings page
  • The Tax Rate and Division fields have been added to the Tax Rate Settings list
  • After creating a Tax Rate, you can now change the Display Name and Description
  • You can now smoothly list your SaaS using SaaSus Platform on the AWS Marketplace
  • You can now retrieve various events on SaaSus Platform via Amazon EventBridge

Bug Fixes

  • It became possible to set the tax rate when cancelling a pricing plan