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Getting Started

A signature is necessary to call the SaaSus API.

Authorization Header:
SAASUSSIGV1 Sig=Signature, SaaSID=SaaS ID, APIKey=API Key

Signature = date and time information + API Key + HTTP method + URL (Host: Port/URI) + Request Body
Date and time information: YYYYMMDDHHNN (minute information in UTC)
Obtain HMAC-SHA256 with the above information as a secret key and use it as a signature

All API responses have an “X-Saasus-Trace-Id” header. This is used to enable API tracing during Amazon EventBridge integration.
“X-Saasus-Trace-Id” header can also be specified at request time. If specified at request time, the Trace-Id is inherited.

SaaSus Auth API Schema
APIs related to user information, basic information, authentication information, tenant information, role information, etc.

SaaSus Billing API Schema
APIs pertaining to obtaining, updating, and deleting information related to external SaaS used in billing operations.

SaaSus Pricing API Schema
APIs related to pricing units, feature menus, pricing plans, metering unit count, etc.

SaaSus Integration API Schema
APIs related to Amazon EventBridge integration.