So far, I hope that you have gone through the tutorial and have an idea of what you can do with the SaaSus Platform. In SaaS, there are many features that are not differentiating despite being important features. Instead of spending man-hours on these, I would like you to focus on the original value of your company's SaaS.

Also, the hardest part of SaaS is operation rather than development. As you continue to operate, you will need to enhance various functions, strengthen security, and make improvements. In addition, as the number of tenants increases, the load increases steadily. And it is difficult to notice it until the SaaS operation phase progresses.

Currently, what the SaaS Platform can do is still only the basics of SaaS, but we plan to implement functions that will make SaaS operations smoother in the future. For example, it is a function and know-how to deal well with the problem that a large customer affects other tenants in a multi-tenant called the noisy neighbor problem.

Please look forward to the future of the SaaSus Platform.

*We would appreciate it if you could answer the following questionnaire after completing the tutorial.