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Creating a Tenant

Once self-signup is complete, the next step is to create a tenant.

In this case, the Free Plan created in the tutorial will be automatically applied when creating a tenant.

        // Retrieving validated data
$validated = $request->validated();

// Using the SaaSusSDK
$client = new ApiClient();
$auth_api_client = $client->getAuthClient();
$pricing_api_client = $client->getPricingClient();

// Searching for pricing plans
$pricing_plans = $pricing_api_client->getPricingPlans();
$next_plan_id = "";
foreach ($pricing_plans->getPricingPlans() as $pricing_plan) {
if ($pricing_plan['display_name'] == 'Free Plan') {
$next_plan_id = $pricing_plan['id'];

// Raise an error if the plan id could not be obtained
if (empty($next_plan_id)) {
redirect('Specify the redirect destination')->with('flash_message', 'Registration failed.');

// To get the UnixTime of the first day of the month
// Because when changing the plan, specifying the UnixTime of the first day of the month updates immediately
$unixtime_of_first_day_of_current_month = Carbon::now()->startOfMonth()->timestamp;

// Creating the tenant
// Tenant Name: The name entered on the screen
// Pricing Plan: Free Plan
// Back Office Staff Email: The email of the logged-in user
$tenant = $auth_api_client->createTenant((object)array(
"name" => $validated['tenant_name'],
"next_plan_id" => $next_plan_id,
"using_next_plan_from" => $unixtime_of_first_day_of_current_month,
"back_office_staff_email" => $request['userinfo']['email'],

You can check if the tenant was created successfully using the API by visiting "SaaS Operation Console > Tenant Management".