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Step 1: Provide Product Information

Next, you'll enter the information necessary to publish the SaaS product.


Since there's a lot of information to input, it's recommended that you prepare ahead of time. Please check the supplementary documents to understand the limitations for each input field and how it will be published on the AWS Marketplace. See examples here and input field details here.

Please proceed with entering the following information:

Product title:

  • During the test phase: Test Product (Your SaaS Product Name)
  • During the production phase: Your SaaS Product Name

In the test phase, please input the title as "Test Product (Your SaaS Product Name)". This is necessary to distinguish it from the production version.

SKU: Unique string to distinguish products on the AWS Marketplace Management Portal
Product logo S3 URL: Product logo URL
Short description: Product overview
Long description: Product description
Product video URL: URL for product introduction video etc.
Highlight 1-3: Features and characteristics to be included on the product page
Support details: Information about product support
Product categories: Product category information, used when category searching on AWS Marketplace
Keywords for search results: Product search keywords, used when searching on AWS Marketplace

After entering the product-related information, click Next to proceed.