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IP Restriction

The IP restriction feature limits access to the SaaSus console and API requests by IP address.


The IP restriction feature is available only to customers on the Advanced plan or higher.

Applying for IP Restriction

How to Apply

Please contact us via Intercom.

Application Details

Send us the CIDR list of IP addresses that you would like to allow for both the SaaSus console and the API.

SaaSus console, yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy/24

API, bbb.bbb.bbb.bbb/24

Behavior After IP Restriction Is Set

After setting up IP restrictions, access will be limited as follows:

  1. If you attempt to log in from an IP address that is not on the list


  2. If you attempt to access the API from an IP address that is not on the list

    The API response body will be as follows:

    "message": "IP address: is not allowed",
    "type": "ip_restricted"