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Usage metering meter settings

The usage measurement unit setting sets the name and aggregation method applied to each usage measurement meter.

Usage metering meter settings

  1. From the SaaS Development Console, select Meter Unit Settings


  1. Click on Create Meter Units


  1. Set up usage measurement metersy with Create Meter Units
Unit NameDefine for programmatic identification. Duplicate names cannot be created.
Unit Display NameDecide on a name for the meter.
Unit DescriptionSet up a description of the meter that people can easily understand.
Calculation MethodSet any of the following. sum(Total value of usage during the period) or max(Maximum usage value during the period)

Set the above information and click the Save button.

Set the usage measurement meter to the measurement unit.

When creating a unit of measurement, you can set up a usage measurement meter. You can select a usage metering meter that is already registered.


Updating and deleting usage metering meters

Usage measurement meters that have been set as measurement units cannot be deleted.
Only the meter unit display name and meter unit description can be updated.